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Verity Inspections manages and maintains a highly qualified, national network of trained automotive technicians. We provide detailed, concise information on mechanical and related failures for various customers and industries. The scope of our services include:

Vehicle Condition and Asset Quality

Evaluation and verification of asset quality and condition for lenders and for parties involved in a vehicle purchase or sale

Vehicle Service Contract and Warranty Claims

Verification of mechanical and engine component failures for vehicle service contract and warranty claims

Automotive Insurance Claims

Information on causality and if there is a relationship between a failed engine component and an accident or collision claim for automotive insurers

Commercial Liability Claims

Information on whether a repair or maintenance service caused an engine component or mechanical failure for repair shops and commercial liability insurance providers

Timely Inspection Reports

We are your eyes and ears in the field, providing you with automotive expertise and information in 24-48 hours

Inspection Findings

Inspector verifies which engine and mechanical components have failed based on your reason for inspection

Cause and extent of damages

Inspector provides an expert opinion on what caused the failure and the severity of damages

Recommendations for repair

An opinion is provided by inspector for recommended repair procedure

Inspection Report Delivery

This information is delivered to you through a streamlined, detailed inspection report with high quality digital photos to support inspector findings


Come join our team

Opportunities for Inspectors

At Verity, our people and inspectors make the difference.  We constantly strive to have the best coverage and the best inspectors available for our customers.  If you are or were a Technician with ASE or manufacturer certifications and would like you to join our team, contact us by email at jobs@verityinspections.com. Opportunities exist for both full and part time inspectors. Attach a copy of your resume documenting your technical experience along with a copy of your certifications.

Each inspector is selected based on their hands-on experience in automotive repair and diagnostics, and is trained in our operating and reporting systems and procedures.  If you are interested in a potentially rewarding career, that provides good compensation and does not require the physical demands of performing repairs, contact us today!

Job Requirements

  • ASE or Manufacturer Certifications
  • At least 7 years experience performing repairs and diagnostics
  • Computer access with internet connection (mobile access a plus)
  • Ability to take high quality digital photos
  • Ability to travel a reasonable distance within your geographic area

We pride ourselves on being the best inspection company for both our customers and inspectors.


27 Beach Road, Unit 3 Monmouth Beach NJ 07750